REMARKS AND MESSAGES - from the previous edition, 2017

The conference was well organized and had interesting topics. It was a good opportunity to hear and discuss different topics about the concept of "smart city". In addition, at the conference there were presented few of the modern technological novelties.- Daniel BREBENARIU, Municipality of Resita, Caras-Severin County, Romania

Speakers, without any exception were very active and presentations were full of life-changing smart ideas. Hope and believe that next conferences will be more fruitful and all these ideas will be applied successfully. - Afet MAMMADOVA, Youth Club on Sustainable Development Goals in Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan

With the great hospitality and organization I experienced in the Smart Cities conference, I truly enjoyed every minute of my stay in the conference in Bucharest and of course in the great cultural event to Sinaia! I learned a lot from the various experiences, initiatives, best practices presented on Smart cities and on the concept of smartness in general and the challenges which were raised in the discussions. Hope with the wealth of knowledge we gained from this conference we can make our cities smarter and bring more happiness and ease to the life of our citizens. I also hope that next year we hear more about the experiences of those who used contextual-participatory approach to build or improve their smart cities projects. - Maryam NAZARI, Consultant at Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology (IranDoc), Tehran, Iran

Smart Cities has always been my favorite conference. Perhaps I am subjective, but I really like how it is organized and managed throughout the whole period, from even before the beginning to its end, which one would think it's in December, but it's actually when all the participants have sent their papers and then all those papers have been sent to the publishing house. This year, it has grown so much, with participants from so many countries that it has been very overwhelming, but in the best way possible. The ideas collected were so interesting and most of them new that I believe I was lucky to be a part of this event. Moreover, the people I've met were amazing from so many points of view. All in all, I am most grateful for being named "The most active participant" at the conference as for I was always on my phone to post ideas related to the event. I think that is the best prize ever! Thank you so much, #SCC2017 team, for everything and I wish you will be successful every year! - PhD. candidate Andreea-Maria TIRZIU, SNSPA, Bucharest, Romania

Interesting conference with up-to-date discussions and relaxed, homy atmosphere. Great experience! - Spela VEROVSEK, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The 5th. Edition of Smart City Conference was well organized. The presentations and deliberations at the conference were informative and educative. The vibrant interactions and networking during the conference aptly converged academics with practise. In sum, it was a value-added conference. - Amitava BASU, Centre for Environmental Management & Participatory Development, New Delhi, India

The event was a real success in terms of organization, materials presented, coverage of themes and a real added value was also the fact that the speakers were from European countries and other cultures in the world. - Alexandra OROS, SC PIETRE EDIL SRL, Bucharest, Romania

Congratulations for smart organization of the 5th Smart City Conference. We talked about smart people, smart governance, high tech solutions for a better life but under cyber security threats. But how would we characterize the smart people? Professional fulfillment could be enough? Spiritual fulfillment added at Professional fulfillment could completely characterize the smart people? Maybe the 6th Smart City Conference will try to answer at these questions. - Ing. Valentin BERCA, SC BRK Systems SRL, Craiova, Romania